Dear Readers,

Now the collection comes to an end… for the time being.

We have Stories left without having been published but we hope that one day they will be brought back to light because of their great quality: The House by Emilio Ambasz in Córdoba or The House by Philip Starck in Paris are good examples of this but they need authorisation from their authors before publication.

All the narrated
Stories owe their intensity to their authors architects, who have maintained a sincere relationship with their clients. To them we forward our warmest appreciation.

These years have been magnificent in terms of research, travels and interviews and we have learnt a great deal from these “small” types of architecture. The generosity of the architects we have been in correspondence with has left us with wonderful letters, a collection of photographs and even drawings that we keep as a valuable material for an exhibition based on the human quality of these architects.

Without a doubt, STORIES OF HOUSES has greatly influenced the work in our architecture office as well as in our teaching.

Happy reading!